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Current PhD Studentships

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Security Lancaster is proud of our PhD student research community and we are actively engaged in generating the best reseach projects for our students to work on. We actively engage in creating an innovative community of security researchers in order to drive forward and breakdown the barriers of current think through multi-disciplinary research. If you want to part of our growing community of research please see below for a list of our current opportunities.

Weak Signals as Predictors of Sophisticated Social Engineering Attacks

Closing Date 21stJan 2014

Options are required to address the challenge of tackling increasingly sophisticated social engineering attacks that aim to compromise an organisation's security in cyber space. Existing methods for detecting social engineering attacks focus on the so-called 'strong signals' - signatures of well-known attack methods such as phishing, spear fishing and credential harvesting. Little or no attention is paid to the 'weak signals' that develop at the fringes of the mainstream and later reach a tipping point that leads to cyber security breaches. By detecting such weak signals in emails, instant messaging and social media channels, early warnings of unfolding sophisticated social engineering attacks can be flagged before they escalate into a full-scale breach.